• Kontessa

    Tessa, unbeknownst to almost everyone, is a 3 time Korean speed eating champion. And not those bullshit hotdogs, the Pie eating contest. Any one who knows anything about speed eating knows hot dogs are for chumps. Tessa is at The Forest 2 nights a week to allow for a proper training schedule. We are pretty sure Tessa isn't Korean but we aren't legally allowed to ask her.
  • Erica

    Erica brings class and sophistication to The Forest Club. Which has been a nice change of pace because this place is full of derilicts. anyways, Erica's personality is like Elizabeth Taylor, Miley Cyrus, and Mother Theressa had a baby... that makes no sense... oh well, she's well liked, come see her!!!
  • Jason

    Jason spent most of his childhood like you would expect any small child from a hasidic jewish Canadian/Portuguese circus family would. Jason learned to juggle chainsaws at the age of 4. Jason soon grew tired of the circus and took his chainsaw skills to the lumberjacking field. Jason was British Colombia's lumberjack of the year for 7 years running. After a misunderstanding with a Mountie, Jason fled, I mean, came to the U.S. in search of bigger and better things. He found them in Ukiah, where he has given up all things chainsaw related.
  • Jonathan

    Jonathan started working at Forest Club in April 2013, when we realized he was spending so much time here we may as well start paying him. Though he had never considered bartending before, he appreciates finally having a job in which his anthropology degree is actually useful. Jonathan is known for his delicious Margaritas, his "bomb-ass" bloody Marys and his signature creation, the Lizbopolitan. His hobbies include reading the "society page" (also known as the Mendocino booking logs), betting on hobo fights and giving terrible advice. When he isn't working, he is often found holding court on the patio with his husband Paul and drinking PBR.